We believe that healing, well-being and being nourished by a feeling of community shouldn’t be a luxury…
The Sugar Dances are thus offered on a donation basis.
Such donation can be in cash (we suggest at least $5 to cover the cost of the room) or can be in trade.
No-one will be turned away for lack of funds or for not having anything to trade.
We encourage participants to be creative and free with their expression of appreciation for a Dance that nourishes them and sustains the heart of the community.
We all have something to offer; our time, our skills and our caring.
If you grow food, when you have food you can bring eggs or carrots or peaches.
You can write an IOU for a massage, car repair or house cleaning after attending a series of dances.
The pool of donations will be first used to make sure the cost of rental and supplies is covered.
The extra, whether in cash or trade, will be offered to the people who help nurture the dance; Dj's, musicians, facilitators and volunteers.
We also may, if we so choose as a collective, offer some of these donations to people in need.
From time to time, we may donate all the proceeds of the dance to a particular cause.